Battle of the beauties

Battle of the beauties

Not just professionally, though! There are mind (read heart) games being played here as well. The director of ‘Wake Up Sid’, Ayaan Mukherjee, is working on the script of his next film, for which he had his friend Deepika Padukone as the leading lady.

The film has the star of ‘Wake Up Sid’, Ranbir Kapoor, in it as well. However, since Deepika and Ranbir are no more a couple in real life, Ranbir’s good friend Katrina Kaif, raised an eyebrow over Deepika’s inclusion in the film.

Instead she hinted her own interest in the film. But even that didn’t materialise and now Anushka has been opted for the role. Nowadays, Anushka is the hottest girl in Bollywood along with Sonakshi Sinha.

A source said, “Deepika and Ayaan have been great friends for a long time now. While discussing the film, Deepika suggested that she wanted to be a part of the film. Ayaan thought she was apt for the role. However, there have been many ifs and buts since then.

Ranbir’s then girlfriend, Katrina, was not very happy with Deepika being a part of the film. Besides, there were speculations about Katrina doing the movie herself.”

“However, after Ranbir and Katrina’s recent break-up and the actor’s link-up to various women including Anushka, the next obvious choice for the role was Anushka. And so, now, she has been finalised for the film,” added the source.

Deepika, Katrina, Anushka…three drop-dead gorgeous girls, one elbowing out the other. We must say Ranbir, the star kid of one of the most popular film couples — Rishi and Neetu Kapoor, is one lucky boy indeed!