Enhancing English skills

Easy Words and Enso are two tools to help enhance or polish English language skills. Easy Words, a collaborative and expanding resource of words in different categories and levels, can prove useful for people, who wish to check out their English vocabulary skills, regularly.

Among its features are - thousands of words in different areas, multi-choice test, addition of words to an online central resource, categorisation of words, and a scoring system according to the speed and accuracy.

Easy Words  can be downloaded at http://freevocabtest. com/VocabTest.msi, and its FAQ at http://freevocabtest.com/help#multi-choice-test. The other tool, Enso, gives you spell-check power while you use programs, from Microsoft Word and Mozilla Firefox to Macromedia Fireworks. It spellchecks the selected text, shows definitions and synonyms of typed or selected words, and can count the number of characters in the selection made. Enso runs on Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista. It can be downloaded at http://snipurl.com/ensowords. The Enso Basics Tutorial is at http://


Snapbucket lets users mix-and-match different filters, effects and frames into their own customised sets. You can snap a picture, edit it and share with friends; all from your mobile phone! Here are some of its features – choice of filters, effects, vignettes and frames to style your photos the way you want.

Just like other mobile photo-sharing apps, you can quickly share the shot on Facebook and Twitter. Snapbucket saves both the original capture and the stylised version of each snapshot to the user’s Photobucket account. Android users visit http:// snipurl. com/ snapbucketandroid,  and iPhone users at    http://snipurl. com/snapbucket iphone.  By the way Photobucket has 100 million site users,  among them 15 million Photobucket Mobile users.


RedNotebook is a graphical diary and journal to help you keep track of notes and thoughts. It includes calendar navigation, customisable templates for each day, export functionality and word clouds.

Other features of RedNotebook include tagging, spell check and options to format text, insert images, files and links to websites, Links and mail addresses are recognised automatically, Two USPs of RedNotebook standout  – its ability to search text-based notes  and  the tag cloud which facilitates to review important points when in a hurry. RedNotebook can be downloaded at http://snipurl.com/rednotebook