Today's letters

Today's letters

Caught between a political battle

This refers to ‘’Two new underpasses planned’’ (DH, May 23).
BBMP has time and again come out with such ambitious projects but will our politicians allow this to happen? It seems to be nothing but a political battle between two giants-Home Minister R Asoka and ex-PM Devegowda. Earlier, a big project to construct an elevated road in front of Devegowda petrol pump was scuttled by the political might of the ex-PM, for reasons well known to many people in the area. There is a great saying “Our prime purpose in life is to help others, and if you cannot help them, at least don't hurt them”. But our political big wigs may think otherwise.

Mandikal S Ananda Rao

The economics of honour killings

This refers to "A challenge to doing gender justice" (Panorama, DH, May 23). The article has taught me something new - that the so called honour killings are not to save the honour of families, but to deprive the female children of the family of any share in the property.

It is therefore clear that the Khap Panchayats are criminals in  more ways than one and the murdering of the female children has more to do with the very modern idea of economics than the outdated ideas of gotra, family honour etc!

It is surprising that even women like Mayawati and Sheila Dixit who head state governments and others like Sushma Swaraj and Sonia Gandhi have apparently done nothing to stop this cancer that is sweeping much of North India.

R Krishnan

Tihar jail a stepping stone for Kanimozhi

This refers to ‘Kanimozhi goes to jail’ (DH, May 21). At last, Karunanidhi's daughter landed in Tihar jail. She might not have thought that at some point of time Govt systems will turn hostile even to powerful ministers and politicians. But she need not repent on this issue because going to jail is no way defamatory to up coming politicians but a strong stepping stone. By going to jail, that too in country's capital, she has definitely earned more points to get herself qualified to become her father’s successor. Tihar jail definitely put her ahead of her brothers Stalin and Azhagiri in the race for bigger throne.

A Obi Reddy

Why 50 fugitives and not 51+?

This refers to “IB goofed up: Chidambaram”( DH, Mar 19).  He was quick to divert the attention to inter-departmental communications and technical errors, while ignoring many larger issues such as how the UPA government is handling the terrorism issue. If Wazhul  Kamar Khan was in the most wanted list, why  is he in bail even one year after his arrest?  Why IB and CBI which claim to have strong evidence of Khan’s involvement in terror attacks has not produced such evidences in the court so that he remains in jail? Chidambaram should explain why UPA is not punishing the already convicted Afzal Guru and why UPA is going slow in convicting Kasab? Will UPA bring justice if Pakistan handsover few terrorists?  What is so magical in the ‘50’number, and why not 51+? 


Check this menace

This refers to 'Children's parks turn criminals' den' (DH, Mar 18).  You have done a great job in bringing out this news.  I would like to add here that besides vandalism these parks are also used as a safe haven for drug-trafficking and flesh trade.  It is high time that the Palike grooms a flying squad to check this menace.

T Varghese

Youth should take lead

This refers to ‘Centre may spike Governor’s report’ (DH, May 18). Unscrupulous politicians have once again dented the image of Karnataka. BJP MLAs, who had withdrawn support to the government alleging that it was corrupt, had a sumptuous meal at Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa’s house after their ‘triumphant’ return from Delhi.

Even if the Assembly is dissolved and fresh elections are held, such politicians will bounce back with more vigour, as has happened in the recent by-elections.
Therefore the young, honest and capable should come forward and form a new party to defeat these elements in the next elections.

Mubasher Mirza

Tax reduction

 Your editorial “Reduce Taxes” (DH, May 18) is timely. The government is under obligation to safeguard the interest of common people.  It is not fair to hike the price of petrol and petroleum products too frequently on the pretext that the prices of crude oil in international markets are going up.As if this is not enough, the oil marketing companies are crying foul that the hike is not enough to compensate the losses in full and yet another hike is on cards. The rise in petrol price would have cascading effect on the already skyrocketing prices of essential commodities.Hence the government should reduce the tax on petrol and petroleum products as one of the measures to hold the price line

K.V. Seetharamaiah

Governor’s action inappropriate

Ref "Guv aims to torpedo BSY government"(DH, May 16). Since SC ruled against disqualification of 11 rebel MLAs, appropriate action by the Governor was to reinstate disqualified MLAs and issue notice to the Speaker.

Governor could have asked BSY to prove his majority on the floor of the house again as rebel MLAs were denied fair representation by the Speaker in earlier vote of confidence motion.

His action of rejecting BSY's request for an assembly meet on Monday shows that he did not want to keep legal options open for BSY to prove majority. By hatching a dismissal plan and seeking support from high command, Governor Bhardwaj neither acted in politically impartial manner nor behaved like a responsible person holding constitutional posts

Sridhar. S

Congress losing out to Jagan

'Cong jittery as Jagan fasts for farmers'(DH, May 16), is clearly an indication that the Grand Old Party's stock is plummeting day by day. The landslide victory of its bete noire Jagan Mohan Reddy from Kadapa in the recent parliamentary poll has set the hearts of all Congressmen in AP and at the Centre palpitating. AP's Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy seems to be running out of ideas to counter the rising popularity of YSR's protégé

Bellur S Dattatri

Unfair hike

This refers to ‘Post -poll, petrol price hiked by over Rs 5 ‘ (DH, May 15). Increasing petrol prices ninth time in nine months is the ‘unkindest’ act of the Congress government. The increase in petrol prices will have cascading effect on prices of all the essential commodities / food items. This coupled with increase in banks’ lending rates on housing, personal and vehicle loans will lead to runaway inflation and rub salt to injury.


Swimming pool or sump: What to believe?

This refers to ‘No Swimming pool, just a sump, says Dharam family’ (DH May 9).

Are we expected to believe this story? First they said, family wanted a swimming
pool and the contractor was asked to build one and there was a specific blue print
showing the location of the swimming pool. When the workman Sharanabasvanna died, the family got cold feet and called the BBMP officials, heavily bribed them and made them accept the new theory that the family wanted a sump and the earth was excavated for this.

The funniest thing is that the BBMP officials, who have been kept happy have accepted this story of sump being dug up! Probably, the family could come out with another story shortly saying that the workman committed suicide, in order to escape the liability of his death.

Dr. Badri Prasad,