Early bird

Early bird

I woke up early one morning,
The earth lay cool and still.
When suddenly a tiny bird,
Perched on my window sill.

He sang a song so lovely,
So carefree and so gay.
That slowly all my troubles,
Began to slip away.

He sang of far off places;
Of laughter and of fun.
It seemed his very trilling
Brought up the morning sun.
I stirred beneath the covers
Crept slowly out of bed,
And gently lowered the window,
And crushed his bloody head!!
Arjun Anish, 11th Std, Trio World School, Bangalore.

An evolved race!
Stray dogs and cattle all over the roads,
Street urchins playing there
Unmindful of traffic hazard!
Young and old easing themselves
On the side-walks, if any;
No gender bar!
Throwing garbage on the street,
To keep their rat-holes,
Their so-called houses clean and tidy!
Here and there you see people
Washing clothes and bathing
Their kids on pavements.
No sense of shame.
Rendering the City of Gardens
A Garbage City!
We live in a democracy
We can do anything
Long live Bharat Mahan!

Ranjana Ranganath, 6th Std ‘A’, The East West School, Basavanagudi, Bangalore.

How I wish, I wish, I wish
For a cute, little fairy to grant my wish
Lovable, laughable, beyond the rainbow
Aims the cloud with her bow and arrow!
But alas, I know this won’t come true
For I am just me and you are just you!

Bhoomika Bhagwat, 4th Std, Sri Aurobindo Memorial School, Bangalore