Non-stop action

The proceedings of the Legislative Council not just showcase the oratorical skills of political adversaries, but provide quite a bit of entertainment as well.

If the debates drag on till late in the evening, some members are seen signalling the speakers to cut down on their speeches so that the House can be adjourned. The tenacious speaker however, often refuses to give into  pressure and continues to rue upon the sad state of affairs in the administration.

Sometimes, the members break out into songs or poetry, when all that the others want to do is break each others’ necks, including the one reciting. Fierce arguments often lose steam when there is a mismatch of intentions.

In one such case, the Opposition was consistently attacking the ruling party over a scam. The discussion had taken two days of the Council’s time and the government was not giving in to a CBI inquiry as demanded. To keep up the pressure, some of the Oppossition members tried to enter the well of the House. But the other members stayed surprisingly reluctant. The reason was clear when one member, who grudgingly got up after much coaxing, grumbled “Why do you have to do this again and again? I was settled so comfortably in my seat!”


Shashi’s day out

For Thiruvananthapuram’s debonaire MP and Union Minister of State for External Affairs Shashi Tharoor, hitting the headlines for reasons other than foreign policy seems to have become a habit. For instance, his passion for cricket was unravelled last month when he released a book on the sport co-authored with a Pakistani ex-diplomat.

That being so, Tharoor could hardly resist being a mere spectator of a cricket match on Saturday during his hectic constituency tour. As soon as his felicitation function was over at Poojapura, Tharoor stepped down the dais and stapped to the adjoining ground where  cricket and football matches were in full flow.

While the general rule is that such adventures of VIPs end up in disasters, Tharoor distinguished himself by despatching three of the four balls he faced to the fence. Apparently, the bowler even got unsettled to deliver a wide. Clad in jooba and the traditional mundu which he folded up to knee level, Tharoor next ``tried a leg’’ at  football deftly passing and dribbling the ball even as the crowd got behind their MP.

R Gopakumar,

Thief! Thief!

For the ordinary folk, catching a thief is not only a Herculean task but also risky, as any mistaken identity could land them in trouble.

A few days back, a thief stole a laptop from a car parked near the MG Road-Brigade Road junction and was about to vanish in the crowd when some people noticed the theft and raised an alarm. Finding himself in trouble, the thief began running, but some members of the public gave chase.

There were about five persons when the chase began at Brigade Road, but the number swelled to about 50 as the ‘race’ neared the Anil Kumble Circle.

The thief was eventually caught with the help of traffic police near the MG Road pre-paid auto stand and the ‘exhausted’ thief was put in an auto-rickshaw to take him to the police station.

Two more people got into the auto and sat on either side of the thief to prevent him from fleeing.

Just then, some people who had participated in the chase but had retired midway, came walking there and beat-up both the persons sitting next to the thief. The traffic police had to intervene and tell them that the man untouched was the thief, while the two others whom they beat up were the persons who caught the culprit!


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