Buy maintenance-free and weather-resistant products, including the fabric. Therefore synthetic, cane and moulded plastic work very well.

* Natural wicker: Use a moist cloth to wipe away the dirt. Do not hose down the product with a lot of water.

* Wrought iron: Wash with soap and water. Use a brush to remove dust wherever you may see it and for an update, add a fresh coat of paint in any colour.

* Hardwood: Sand the piece of furniture and then stain it to seal the wood.

*Keep furniture out of direct sunlight as much as possible.  To deodorise outdoor furniture such as lawn chairs and chaise loungers, use hot water and some floor cleaner.

* Stubborn stains and mildew can be removed with an application of vinegar and water.

* Vinegar is safer than bleach water and is environment-friendly too. Stains come off easily with vinegar and bleach have the same effect. Must-buy pieces

* Adirondack chair

* Philippe Starck’s Bubble chair.