Stepping into Sandalwood

Stepping into Sandalwood

Today two members, Siddeshwar and Vikram Joshi, from that band are all set to enter the world of Sandalwood as music directors in the film Jai Hind, starring Pooja Gandhi and Sandesh.

Interestingly, when producer Major Srinivas Pujar first approached them to compose the music, the movie was stalled due to some reasons. When the  producer decided to do the film again, he had lost contact with the band and he signed someone else.

However, Siddeshwar  approached Srinivas again with three songs and the producer was so impressed that he made place to accommodate two songs in the film. “Composing film songs was always a part of the plan, so we didn’t want to miss an opportunity even if it meant accommodating just two of our songs,” says Siddeshwar.

The first song was an item number called Beedi Henda. And then Srinivas asked them to compose the title song for the film. “He listened to the songs we had composed. He liked one of them very much. Though he already had a music composer for the film, he made space for this song and gave us an opportunity to compose one more song in the film,” adds Siddeshwar.

Was there any problem with Krishnavardhan Kulkarni, the other music composer of the film?

“Not at all. All this was done with his consent. In fact, he supported the entire thing,” he says and adds, “the film has only five songs and we didn’t want to overshadow the other composer.”

Though this is their first baby steps into the film industry, it is definitely not their last. The group will soon compose for another of Srinivas’s films. “This is a huge step for us and hopefully people will enjoy what we have to offer,” signs off Siddeshwar.