With dreams in their eyes

With dreams in their eyes

Confident Trio

With dreams in their eyes

‘Miss India World 2011’ Kanishtha Dhankar; ‘Miss India Earth 2011’ Hasleen Kaur, and ‘Miss India International 2011’ Ankita Shorey, showed promise in clinching the titles and
were not just mere eye candy.

They spoke to Metrolife about their journey so far and the preparations for the title. Kanishtha Dhankar says, “You need to prepare both mentally as well as physically. A lot goes into it. It is not just about looking great but one also needs to be in the right state of mind.”

Ankita, on the contrary, believes that training just enhances the abilities that one already has. “You are already a manufactured product and in the training, it is the packaging they work on,” she adds. All the three ladies are daughters of defence personnel. Ankita and Hasleen are daughters of Army officers while Kanishtha’s dad was in the Indian Navy.

Ankita, talks about her roots. “I have travelled all over the country and was brought up in Ladakh for eight years. When other kids were growing up playing with dolls, I was reading scriptures,” she says.

While Ankita led an ‘exciting’ life in the mountains, Kanishtha attributes her personality to Navy life. “Since my dad was in the Navy, I have had my share of travelling and lived all across the country. It is the exposure to different cultures and people that has made me the person I am today,” she adds.

Would they be contemplating Bollywood? They all agree that it is an option they would be looking at. Ankita, who is also into theatre, says, “Absolutely! I am all set to go and rock it.”

Kanishtha, on the other hand, says that she would like to be part of cinema that would make a difference. Hasleen says, “Most winners go on to become actresses in Bollywood and it is something even I am open to.”

But what do they have to say about the growing disinterest in beauty pageants?

Hasleen says that the only reason for that is the increase in the number of avenues.

“Beautiful girls have a plethora of career options to choose from. Compared to a decade ago, the number of jobs available are definitely higher. Hence many of them don’t really think that the pageant is the only option,” she adds.

Do they also think that people are obsessed with looks too much these days, leading many of them to opt for cosmetic surgery? Kanishtha, says, “It depends on how much they are obsessed about. These days, we are exposed to a lot of things and even a eight-year-old girl knows how to operate an iPad. People are becoming more aware about how they look, which is good. Applying a little kajal or simple things like that to look good is actually nice, but surgery would be going a little too far. People need to remember that they can get as many surgeries as they want but it is one’s inner beauty that matters. Besides, looks eventually fade away.”

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