A saucy chapter in Amar 'katha'

A saucy chapter in Amar 'katha'

Ribald tapes

A saucy chapter in Amar 'katha'

Recouping from her recent break up with colleague John Abraham after a steady-ste­amy nine-year relationship, Bipasha has strongly protested reports that Singh was sp­eaking to her in the clandestinely taped conversations wh­ich were allowed to be rel­eased by the Supreme Court after a stay on them since 2006.

Juicy conversation

The alleged tape has a ra­ther “juicy” conversation with the lady on the other end wanting to meet the former SP leader. The lady reminds him that she had met him at an award function twice, a month ago. Thereafter, the conversation turns a lot more “flirtatious”. The woman, who introduces herself as Bipasha, wanted to meet Singh who, during the course of the conversation, said that he was “too busy” (‘bura haal hai’).

Here is an excerpt from the taped conversation:

Male voice: “Lekin time nikalenge”. (But I will find the time). Female voice: “Okay sweetie”.

Male voice: “Nice to have remembered an old fossil like me”.

Female voice: “Old fossil like you?...Does it matter?” The man responds, saying: “Yes, it matters between the legs.” The woman bursts out laughing: “Ha...ha...ha”.

But in a quick riposte on Thursday, the actress chall­e­nged “anyone to prove” that it was she speaking with the ex-SP general secretary. “Pls req­uest u all to go n hear d conv­ersation 1st n then if u still think its me, I openly challenge anyone to prove it is me!” Bipasha posted on her Twitter page on Thursday.

“A celeb takes beatings of all kinds but if my dignity is challenged, I am ready to take this issue up in a stronger manner! There is a limit of making up stories at the cost of a celeb! Sensationalising ridiculous and untrue stories is not ethical at all,” the actress said.

Bipasha, shooting in Russia for the upcoming flick ‘Players’, made her “break” with boyfriend Abraham official, saying in a recent interview that “its over with John. I can say I have moved on with no baggage. I am free and there is no negativity towards anyone.”
The alleged Amar Singh tapes have prominent names like Anil Ambani, Kushagra Bajaj, Mulayam Singh Yadav and T Subbirami Reddy. Another snatch of a purported conversation between Singh and Subbirami Reddy has a “kiss and forget” offer by the former.

Reddy: “I had come home, and you abused me so much. But I still...” Amar Singh: “Why don’t you let it go you are a friend; you are not Sonia Gandhi. We seated you in the drawing room, offered you tea and abused you, but (Sonia) didn't even offer me tea or  soup.”