KRRS, Sene seek aid for sand mining land losers

KRRS, Sene seek aid for sand mining land losers

The leaders from the organisation said that the bridges built across the river are on the verge of collapse due to illegal mining. The river beds have dropped by four to five feet. Since sand mining is going on using machineries, there are steep pits formed at various points of the river.

“Even as the people are dying while crossing the river, the cases have been filed at the police stations as unnatural deaths occurred due to drowning.

Raitha Sangha Honorary President K K Krishnegowda and Hasiru Sene President H K Shashidhar said that several cattle have died in the rivers over the last three years but the Government does not seem to be taking this issue seriously.

They said that on one hand the officials say that they need the help of local residents to curb illegal sand mining. At the same time, when the local residents stop vehicles carrying sand illegally and bring the issue to the notice of the departments concerned, they fail to take action.

They said that District Administration should seriously think of stopping mining considering the damage it is doing to the ecological system and to the lives of the people.