SBM charges Rs 25 for counting tenners!

SBM charges Rs 25 for counting tenners!

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The receipt for Rs 25 given to account holders who deposited Rs 10 in their savings bank accounts with Shidlaghatta branch of State Bank of Mysore. DH photo

People who line up at the bank to deposit money are told, “We cannot count Rs 10 notes. Hence, you will have to pay us Rs 25, if you want to deposit money in your accounts.”

“I wanted to deposit Rs 3,600 in my savings bank account. Of the total amount, there were 136 Rs 10 notes. On seeing the Rs 10 notes, cashier demanded that I pay Rs 25 fee for counting the notes. Why should we pay to deposit money in our account?” asked Rajashekar, a customer, speaking with Deccan Herald.

He added that when Chandramma, the branch manager, was approached seeking redressal of the issue, she only reinforced it saying customers had to pay the fee. “Charging a fee for counting the money amounts to gross harassment of customers,” he said.

Officers at the Shidlaghatta branch behave in an indifferent and rude manner towards their customers. Hence, a complaint should be lodged with the higher authorities about erring officers, added Rajashekar.

A senior officer of the bank agreed that it was injustice and illegal too, to collect the Rs 25 fee when customers deposit money in notes of Rs 10.

“Customers need not pay any fees to deposit up to 10 bundles of Rs 10 notes. But, beyond that they need to pay Rs 10, but it is left to the judgment of the branch manager,” he explained and added that the most important thing was “service of the customers, not money.”