Drunk man attacks SSLC student

Drunk man attacks SSLC student

Injured and shaken by the incident, 16-year-old Sahana and her sister Sushma are now admitted to Victoria Hospital.

Although doctors said the two girls were out of danger, the attack has left them in a state of despair.

Allegedly under the influence of liquor, Nanda Kumar (36) barged into their first floor house at about 8 pm. He demanded sweets from Sahana since she had performed well in the SSLC examination. But his demeanour changed when the girls requested him to come the next day since their parents were away.

In a fit of rage, Kumar allegedly broke their TV screen and attacked the girls with a glass shard. He hit Sahana on her throat thrice and turned his ire on Sushma when she rushed to her sister’s rescue.

Grabbing Sahana, he tried to throw her downstairs when neighbours overpowered and pinned him down.

Their girls’ father Jagadish, a cloth merchant, later lodged a complaint with the Magadi Road police. Kumar too was taken to Victoria Hospital.