Industry welcomes change of guard in West Bengal

Industry welcomes change of guard in West Bengal

R P Goenka, chairman emeritus of RPG Enterprises said, "it was another example of what Bengal thinks today, others will think tomorrow. By all means a great moment for democracy".

"I heartily congratulate Mamata Banerjee in so courageously passing her 'agnipariksha' (baptism by fire)," he said.

"This is not the time to ask her what she can do for us, but to tell her what we can do to help West Bengal regain lost glory", he said.

Vice-chairman of RPG Enterprises Sanjiv Goenka said "what was been expected by many for some time has happened. Along with Mamata Banerjee, democracy has triumphed in our state and 2011 voting is an eye-opener to the rest of the world".

"Now it is time for business to take its best step forward and help our new leader to build a better Bengal".

Chairman of Ambuja Realty Harsh Neotia said, "It is evident that people have reposed faith in Mamata Banerjee's promise".

"Now that political uncertainty plaguing the state is over, it is time that we once again regain the confidence of the investors and push ahead for growth and development. We will look foward to make our humble effort in helping Bengal to rise to greater heights", he said.

Bengal Chamber and Bengal National Chamber also hailed the change which took place in the state.