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Face-to-face with danger encounters ‘Steve’s deadly 60’

Steve Backshall travels across six continents for six months to find his hit list of the 60 most lethal animals on earth.

In this premiere, ‘Steve’s deadly 60’ on Animal Planet on May 14 between 9.30 pm and 10 pm, Steve proves that when it comes to the battle for survival, size is of no importance.

Don’t miss this episode as Steve is on a mission to find the deadliest creatures and encounters of animals that could be dangerous in their own environment.

The craze for food

In this episode, Adam savours a New Jersey original: Trenton style tomato pie. Next, he gets his hands on the Octopus Sundae, a giant octopus-shaped cold treat. Adam concludes his trip to New Jersey with the Ludicrous Wings Challenge where he only has fifteen minutes to take down twelve jumbo wings soaked in hot sauce so spicy, it’s insane. Catch all the action between 10 pm and 10.30 pm on Saturday.  

Tracing the journey

This episode of ‘South Pacific’, explores the sheer scale and majesty of the largest ocean on earth, the isolation of islands, the extraordinary journeys — wildlife and humans go through to reach these specks of land, and what happened to both after their arrival.

 Spin a globe so that the middle of the Pacific is directly in front of you and in this episode, you will see a view of the world that is utterly unfamiliar. Continental landmarks are reduced to a silver along the edges, leaving nothing but a seemingly endless ocean. Watch this series on May 15 between 8 pm and 9 pm on Discovery Channel.

Exploring the unexplored

On top of its purple-mountained majesty, the United States of America is known for its bold and visionary building programme.

From coast to coast, from the concrete canyons of New York to the forest canyons of Colorado, the country is replete with majestic symbols of pride and perseverance. ‘Super Structures Of America’ on Discovery Science on May 14 at 8.30 pm, salutes these emblems of all-American ingenuity. Renowned architecture critic Paul Goldberger explores the most amazing architecture and engineering.

Of alluring beachesmysterious coastlines A scene from ‘Beach Watch’.

From the white sand beaches of Phuket and Surfer's Paradise in Australia, to the mysterious coastlines of Croatia, American television personality Bridget explores the world's most alluring beaches.

Bridget ventures out on the beaches in search of sun, sea and sand on TLC's engaging series, ‘Beach Watch’ on May 15 at 11 pm. Join Bridget in this episode as she immerses herself in tantalising seaside gems.

Tracking down the wild

Animal Planet’s ‘Borneo Expedition’ explores the vast abundance wildlife in the heart of the island Borneo. A team of jungle specialists, scientists, climbers and wildlife film-makers explore the lost world of mountains, jungles and ravines.

Watch the show on May 15 between 8 pm and 9 pm, how scientists track down each animal living here and hope to conserve this region with the help of samples collected.

Caught in a time warp

Discovery Channel’s series, ‘Time Warp’, brings out the most incredible moments, which are otherwise missed.

MIT scientist and teacher Jeff Lieberman — along with digital-imaging expert Matt Kearney — uses new technologies to bring truly never-before-seen wonders into a form that the body can actually process.

Using the latest in high-speed photography, the ‘Time Warp’ team takes some natural events, like a cat licking its paw and some not so natural events like, a water ballon to the face and then turns them into a thing of both beauty and learning.

Tune into this episode on May 14 between 9 pm and 10 pm, to experience some exciting sights.