Tasting sweet success

Tasting sweet success

SSLC Toppers

jubilant Anantha Chaitanya with parents.Anantha Chaitanya (616/625),
New Cambridge School, RPC Layout

Anantha Chaitanya seemed to be elated after scoring excellent marks in the SSLC exam. He has scored an impressive 100 marks in mathematics.
“I studied nearly six to eight hours during my study holidays. I was playing PlayStation Portables during the exam days in order to refresh my mind,” he says and adds that he didn’t take any tuition classes. “My father is an assistant professor at the Ambedkar Institute of Technology and my mother is a home-maker. They helped me a lot in achieving this success and my teachers were always there to clear my doubts,” he says.

He hasn’t decided about his college and wishes to become a doctor.

Sumukha M Harish (614/625)
Sri Kumarans Children’s Home, Basavanagudi
A very confident boy, Sumukha M Harish was not surprised by his result. “I used to always stand first or second in school. So I was expecting a result between 95 and 98 per cent. And I am quite content with my marks,” he says. And so are his parents. “My parents are very proud of me and they are very happy today,” he says. Is he expecting any presents? “They have asked me to tell them whatever I want as a gift but I have not decided yet,” he says. Sumukha says that he chalked out a plan ahead of exams. “I used to stay focussed on what I need to finish,” he informs. His hobby is waterpainting. “In future, I plan to do engineering and appear for the IITJEE,” he says. 
Poojitha Shankar (613/625)
Sri Kumarans Children’s Home, Basavanagudi
Poojitha is very happy about her results. “I am very excited and so is my family,” she says. “I think it’s by God’s grace that I have scored so well. I had studied hard but then not everyone, who is hardworking, always gets good results. It’s 99 per cent perseverance and 1 per cent luck. I think luck was on my side this time around,” she adds. Luck aside, she studied for four to five hours everyday for the exams. “I started my preparation from day one and did whatever my teachers taught me,” she says. Her hobbies are reading books and dancing. She also informs that her friends were her inspiration in getting good grades. “They always scored better than me. So I worked hard to score well,” she says. She plans to study science in future. “I want to take up PCMB in Kumarans itself,” she says.

Padma S Shenoy (612/625)
Sri Vani Education
Centre, Rajajinagar

Excited after Padma’s achievement, her family is all set to celebrate the victory in a grand way. “I don’t expect any gifts from them as they provided me with everything much before I asked,” says Padma attributing her success to her parents and the school. “Teaching in my school is par excellence and the teachers trained us well. I studied my subjects on day-to-day basis, which helped me understand the topics better,” she says. Her parents, who are working with the Canara Bank, are now transferred to Mangalore and hence the family is shifting there by the end of this month. She is planning to join St Aloysius College there and wants to become an IAS officer.

Ruthwik R (612/625) Sri Vani Education
Centre, Rajajinagar

After scoring a 100 in mathematics and science, Ruthwik is celebrating his feat by distributing sweets to friends and relatives. “I was sure that I will get full marks in maths but I was expecting 95 or 96 in science as the questions were little difficult,” he says. “I was very attentive in the class. I had joined a crash course last summer which was quite useful.

I thank my parents who never pressurised me to score high. I stopped playing badminton and cricket only during exams,” says Ruthwik, who is a harmonium player. Unlike his parents, who are engineers, he wants to become an astrophysicist.
He is planning to join MES College or Vidya Mandir for PUC.

Murali (618/625),
Sri Vani Education
Centre, Basaveshwaranagar

Having scored 98.88 per cent, it is surprising to find that Chandrachud Murali was expecting even more. “I wanted to score above 620 but lost marks in english and social studies,” he says. But he is still happy with the results he has got. “My parents are extremely happy. They became very emotional, hugged and kissed me when they heard the results,” he says.

Ask him about the preparation he had done and he informs, “I used to study the subjects I like, which are maths and science, during the break from subjects I did not like.” His hobbies include practising vocal classical music and quizzing. “I also like drawing and painting,” he says. As far as the future is concerned, he has his eyes set on the big prize. “I want to study science at VVS Sardar Patel College and prepare for IITJEE,” he says.