Guggulu Dhoopa for all purposes

Guggulu Dhoopa for all purposes

Forest department is making plantation of these trees as the matured trees can be auctioned by the department for its aromatic resin known as ‘Haalu Maddi Dhoopa’ or ‘Baaga Dhoopa’ or ‘Guggulu Dhoopa’.

This resin (Dhoopa) is used in the manufacture of incense sticks . Bark of tree is grey and thick and it exudes a brownish resin when cut.

Flowers of this tree are small and yellow. They bloom in bunches from Januray to March. Fruits are linear oblong reddish brown, rounded at both ends.

Medicinal qualities

The bitter bark is used in treatment of dysentery and leaves are recommended against gastralgia. This wood is in high demand specially for manufacturing of match boxes. Guggulu dhoopa is known as ‘Malabar Ailanto’ in English and in Sanskrit as ‘Aralu’. It is known as ‘Perumaram’ in Malayalam. Its scientific name is ‘Ailanthus triphysa’ and it belongs to Simaroubaceae family.

Dinesh Nayak M
Advisor (Green Belt)