BU trifurcation plan opposed

 A note submitted to the vice-chancellor by senior members from six departments in the varsity questioned the logic behind the recommendation made by a committee headed by Professor Rudraiah.

The note said the recommendation is “based on a single parameter of - number of colleges” to be inherited by the universities and therefore is an inadequate basis for creating new universities. The professors have also questioned the justification behind arriving at the specific number of 200 colleges for each of the three universities. They also demanded a complete reappraisal of the trifurcation proposal.

They have also questioned the financial and logistic feasibility of the move. The note said that the physical infrastructure and academic personnel alone would cost the State Exchequer more than Rs 200 crore.

They have also expressed fears over the NAAC accreditation being taken away from Bangalore University in the event of trifurcation. The note says that there is no guarantee that the universities will be given the same degree of accreditation and might very well be given a much lower grade.

The note also raised concerns about ongoing research projects and the jeopardy that several MoUs signed by the university will be thrown into. They have suggested that a common examination authority would solve a number of problems plaguing the university.

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