Indian-origin honeymooning woman raped before murder?

Indian-origin honeymooning woman raped before murder?

Anni, 28, died Nov 13 last year. She and her 31-year-old husband Shrien were on a taxi in Cape Town when it was hijacked. Both Shrien and the taxi driver escaped unhurt. But Anni was abducted, shot in the neck and her body dumped in the abandoned car. Shrien is accused of arranging her murder.

Earlier, police said Anni had not been subjected to a sexual attack.
But the post-mortem examination shows that she was forcefully held by her left calf moments before her death, leaving a bruise.

Experts said this was a "tell-tale sign" of sexual assault, the Daily Mail reported.
The newly-married woman probably struggled to prevent one of her abductors from raping her, the report suggests.

Police have charged three South Africans in connection with the case and they named the husband as the mastermind.

Shrien is out on bail but is being held at a mental health unit in Bristol. He has denied involvement in the plot to kill his wife.