Anni was victim of sexual assault

Anni was victim of sexual assault

Honeymoon murder

Reports say that the South African police have evidence suggesting that the honeymoon murder victim Anni Dewani was sexually assaulted. Earlier, investigators claimed that she had not been subjected to such an attack.

Her husband Shrien Dewani, a British citizen, is accused of organising her murder and is currently undergoing medical treatment besides extradition proceedings in British courts for his return to South Africa.

The post-mortem examination on Dewani, reportedly shows that she was forcefully held by her left calf just moments before her death, leaving a bruise. Experts claim this is a tell-tale sign of sexual assault, according to a report in the Daily Mail.

Besides, DNA and other scientific samples taken from her body also indicate that a sexual assault attempt was made before her murder took place. Anni died on the evening of November 13 last year after the couple’s taxi was hijacked in the Cape Town township of Gugulethu.

The latest revelations suggest the 28-year-old bride was killed as she struggled to prevent one of her abductors fr­om raping her, the report add­ed.In her report of a post-mo- ­rtem examination carried out on November 15, pathologist Dr Janette Verster reportedly described how Dewani died from a gun shot to the neck.

The report states: “Four fresh circular contusions (bruises) arranged in a semi-circular fashion are present on the medial aspect of the left lower leg in the mid-shaft region. These are reminiscent of finger print contusions”.

This bruising suggests that Anni Dewani may have been assaulted. Although South African police have charged three South Africans in connection with the case, they have named Shrien Dewani as the plot’s “mastermind”.