Hand over church attack cases to CBI: PUCL

Hand over church attack cases to CBI: PUCL

In the State Council meeting of the PUCL held in Mangalore on Saturday, the office-bearers of the organisation have come up with a list of resolutions, thus deciding to work on the same.

Speaking to media persons following the deliberations, PUCL Karnataka General Secretary Dr V Laxminarayan said though Justice Somasekhara report had mentioned the names of Hindu communal organisations for having caused the chaos, it has failed to identify the culprits in its final report. “In order to provide justice to the victims, we urge the government to hand over the investigation into the hands of CBI,” he informed.

In the meeting, the PUCL has expressed discontentment over the functioning of National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) and State Human Rights Commission (SHRC). By delivering judgment in favour of bureaucracy, both NHRC and SHRC are following bureaucratic approach. The PUCL demands the Commission to change its trend, said Laxminarayan.

The organisation has condemned the government for wasting the tax payers money by donating hefty amounts to Maths and other religious institutions.

“The State government speaks of shortage of money in the exchequer to fund the developmental works, but on the other hand it has been donating funds to the religious institutions unlimited,” criticised the General Secretary.

Some of the other resolutions taken during the meet includes, urging the government to curb the increased harassments on the human rights activists and demanding to take action against the culprits who have been involved in attacking minority institutions among others.

PUCL will carry out a movement across the nation from May 22 to August 1 urging the government to withdraw Armed Forces Special Powers Act.