BMTC trial runs skypak bus

BMTC trial runs skypak bus

The trial run was launched by BMTC Managing Director Syed Zameer Pasha at the Shanthinagar Bus Terminal here.

The bus and coach industry are in a transition phase, from truck chassis to Monocoque space frame platform. Monocoque structure involves integration of the body and the chassis, which is now already in use in production of many car models.

A release said that while Corona Bus Manufacturers, Pune, has provided the Skypak fly-by-wire platform, the coach is integrated by Bangalore-based KMS Coach Builders.

The 12 metre long and 2.5 metre wide bus is powered by a 160 HP Cummins ISB electronic engine located at the rear.

The auto transmission technology ensures jerk-free movement while the engine meets Bharat Stage IV emission standards. The bus is said to be the country’s first semi low-floor monocoque coach.