Art gallery in dire straits

Art gallery in dire straits

These artworks which enjoyed importance under the tenure of Mysore Kings now lie neglected. Artwork by famous artistes - Gerhart, Vexler, Ravi Verma, Nicholas Roerich, Gaganendra Tagore adorn the walls of the Gallery.

Official apathy is evident when one sees the pieces of art filled with dirt and dust, birds nesting on them or many being covered with cloth and placed in a corner. Many other artworks are locked in a storeroom.

The large number of visitors have also contributed to the poor condition of artworks by touching them constantly. There is no care taken to keep a distance between the viewers and the exhibits.

Many art works belonging to Mysore and Rajasthani styles are becoming food for insects.
The building of the Gallery is also in a poor condition. During rainy season, rain water drips in from the perforated roof, spoiling the artworks.

Crucifixion stolen

This Art Gallery was in news few days ago, when Peter Paul Ruben’s artwork ‘Crucifixion’ was stolen. This artwork is estimated to cost around Rs 35 crore at present in the international market.

A foreign admirer, who had visited the Gallery in 2008, had written in the in the visitors’ suggestion book that the shoddy maintenance of this art piece and had warned about its bad condition.

Not only art works, poor maintenance has also destroyed the rare musical  instruments used by court musicians from the Mysore palace.
If steps are not taken to maintain the rare exhibits in the Gallery they may be lost  to the next generations.

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