Osama met Al Qaeda, Taliban leaders at Abbottabad house

Osama met Al Qaeda, Taliban leaders at Abbottabad house

Osama was shot dead May 2 by US commandos who swooped into Abbottabad on stealth helicopters and stormed his mansion located a stone's throw away from the Pakistan Military Academy, Kakul.

The commandos had carried away a trove of documents and computer files, which investigators are now pouring over.

The Telegraph reported that British intelligence agents have joined their US counterparts to to go through the material after repeated references to Britain were found in it.
An Afghan Taliban commander said he had visited Osama at the high-walled house, the media report said.

He also said the Al Qaeda leader received intermittent visits from leaders of his Al Qaeda network, Taliban allies and fellow Arab fundraisers.

Intelligence officials had initially believed that Osama's contact with the outside world was through messages on computer thumb drives.
The Taliban commander had last seen Osama in Abbottabad two years ago and he then looked healthy.

Osama had told him that he had to meet top aides as many senior lieutenants had been captured or killed.

"He said he had no choice but to be active and meet people, despite the security risks," the Taliban leader was quoted as saying.

"He was meeting with other top Al Qaeda leaders who could get access to Abbottabad without endangering their safety."