'Maddening traffic contributing to stress'

'Maddening traffic contributing to stress'

'Maddening traffic contributing to stress'

The report shows that 39 per cent of Bangaloreans approach mental health professionals as against the national average of nine per cent. Apart from that, the figures also showed how health conscious Bangaloreans are. When Metrolife spoke to a few people in the City, they agreed that the stress-level of Bangaloreans has been increasing day by day and attributed it to the worsening traffic scenario, the tight working schedule and work pressure.


I am not surprised to see the results of the survey. Most of us think that stress is the result of the physical work that we do. To have a clear picture of what mental stress is, just take a ride on the roads of this city at any point of time. Pollution and the wait at signals increase our stress levels considerably. The poor infrastructure here is taking our stress levels to a new high. With ‘Namma Metro’, things might change for the better. I am just hoping that all of us understand the importance of public transport and start using it.”

Debraj Sinha
Software Engineer

I have been undergoing stress since I passed out of college in 2010. I got into a reputed company through campus recruitment and witnessed a big transition from college life to corporate world. The work and the responsibilities at the workplace make one completely exhausted. The daily grind makes us forget to take proper care of our health. In order to cope with stress and to rejuvenate, people are doing yoga, working out in gyms or planning trips during weekends.”


I agree that majority of citizens in the City are leading a stressful life. But not all. The environment is such that it influences the mental health of a person. Most of us get acquired stress when we compare ourselves with others. We are more stressed-out because of leading a materialistic life. The maddening traffic and hurried pace of daily life also contribute to increase in stress. The worsening traffic scenario in the City is making people crazy.” 

Ankita Mehta
Software Engineer

When one leaves an easy-going college life and enters corporate life, one will undergo a lot of stress. There is a sudden change in life as one is responsible for so many things at work place. On the top of that, if you are married, the stress-level definitely increases. In order to de-stress, many companies have established recreational zones for the employees to rejuvenate. Many a time, it’s in our hands to have peace of mind. When you start enjoying your work, there won’t be any stress. I feel Bangaloreans are more health-conscious and know how to keep themselves healthy.”

I feel people are stressed out because of political instability. Various scandals involving politicians have hampered the smoothing functioning of the government machinery. We can see corruption everywhere which has also made people worry about their future. Even the ongoing Metro work has increased the stress level of Bangaloreans as it has become difficult to reach from place of the City to another. People have to use public transport system and car pooling in order to curb traffic woes.”

As told to Rajani Hegde