Liquor does not kill Devadas

Liquor does not kill Devadas

Reel pair: Netanya and Yogesh in DevadasAfter thanda, thanda cool Kool, Devadas brings lots of sunshine and energy in the first few scenes with the routine hero introduction song and some crackling give-n-take between Raghu and Yogesh. Till the heroine makes her entry (confusion continues over her surname). An emaciated version of actress Prema, Jenal’s plus points are her height, complexion and hair that’s not been tampered with.

Her eyes are those of a doll. Indeed, her remaining attributes, if any, also belong to the inanimate object.

Devadas has other competent actors – Raghu, whose hamming will put Shahrukh to shame; Ramesh Bhat, whose economical expressions are lost on the viewer, Pramila Joshai, once-upon-a-time villain Arvind and even chubby Netanya all go through the motions.

It is left to Yogesh to lift the film. He tries hard, but that is not enough — boredom does creep in. But the songs are the energy shots. Post-interval, the film drags on and on, the screenplay finally escaping it’s genie bottle with a whoosh.

Joshua Sridhar and Sadhu Kokila’s tunes along with Renukumar’s camerawork offer some respite from a half-hearted ‘spoof’ on the tragedy Devdas.

But Yogesh fans might find some purchase, after their hero’s splendid turn in Hudugru.