Don't heed Guv's advice: BSY to Prez

Don't heed Guv's advice: BSY to Prez

SC order & after:

Following the recommendation for President’s rule in the Governor, Chief minister B S Yeddyurappa has written to President Pratibha Patil that an attempt to dislodge his government is being made by the Opposition parties, hinting that Governor H R Bhardwaj was party to such endeavours.

In his letter, Yeddyurappa has said: “The Opposition parties are indulging in a misinformation campaign and are making hectic efforts to dislodge a democratically elected government.” He has further indicated that in these efforts, even Governor H R Bhardwaj is suspected to be a party.

Indicating the Governor’s wilful part in dislodging his government, Yeddyurappa has also stated that the Governor till date did not reply to the request that was sent by the Cabinet , to conduct a Legislative Assembly Session from May 16.

In his bid to try and convince the President, Yeddyurappa has stated his party enjoys a majority support with as many as 120 MLAs backing his government, apart from the three candidates who won in Friday’s by-elections. In his appeal, Yeddyurappa has asked the President not to take a decision which may create a ‘constitutional crisis’ in the State.

“I request your Excellency to see that no attempt is made to create a constitutional crisis in the State and that too when my Government is commanding majority in the legislature... An attempt is being made to impose President’s Rule contrary to the rationale of the Supreme Court in the case of S R Bommai. Any such attempts would amount to subverting the democratic process and...should not be encouraged,” Yeddyurappa has said.