'Dove Cote' at Sr'patna collapses

'Dove Cote' at Sr'patna collapses


The collapsed ‘Dove Cote’ at Srirangapatna, in Mandya District. DH photo

The fort, derived its name mainly due to the doves there bred and trained for the most important exchange of messages between the kings, village chieftains and army chief is situated enroute to Sangam near Srirangapatna.

Out of two dove cotes, the left side of the monument which was in a dilapidated condition, has collapsed.

The foundation had developed cracks many months but the authorities concerned failed to conserve it by undertaking repair works. The main reason is said to be the roots of trees which has broadened the cracks and led to the destruction.

The dove cote which was constructed using churuki and bricks has seen its end.

It is said that Tipu Sultan was using trained pigeons for transfer of news, the system followed during that time, where the messages were tied to the claws of the birds and flown to the preferred destinations where the army chiefs were camping.

Later, they were returning to the ‘Dove Cotes’ say the pages of history.

Tourists and  locals have expressed their disappointment over the ruins and lack of maintenance of the heritage monuments.