Religious fervour marks Dharmaraya Karaga

Religious fervour marks Dharmaraya Karaga

B M Nagaraju from Bethamangala enters the Agnikunda (ritual fire) carrying the Karaga, at the Gangamma Temple premises in Chikkaballapur on Saturday. DH Photo

The Karaga procession began from the Gangamma Temple Road, crossed the M G Road and later on, passed through the various thoroughfares of the City. A large number of devotees took part in the procession, which was held throughout the night. All the important roads in the City were decorated with lights. Several households sported beautiful rangoli patterns. Poojas were performed at all the places where the Karaga procession went past.

Prayers were offered throughout the procession. B M Nagaraju carried with Karaga with ardent devotion and dedication. Onlookers stood in large numbers and watched the procession go by. Residents from the various villages of the taluk also carried out a procession of the Gods in the palanquins decorated with beads and pearls.
Pantomanine dance, Veeragaase, Kamsale, Dollu Kunitha, etc were also observed on the occasion. Artistes dressed up in huge dolls also stole the show.

At several places food was offered to the devotees. It was an unusual Saturday night with the entire City awake, taking part in the festival fervour. Members of all the households were awake. A large number of women also participated. The Karaga dance and pooja was witnessed by scores of people from their balconies and terraces.

Police personnel were stationed at important places and the entire ceremony passed off peacefully. At 1 am, a special Karaga dance programme was organised at the Nandi Rangamandira. The procession finally arrived at 6 am of Sunday morning on G N Venkatarayalu Road. From there, it proceeded to Elepete and Gangamma Temple Road and finally reached the Jalari Gangamma Temple premises at 12 noon. Nagaraju entered the Agnikunda at the temple premises, thrice bearing the Karaga.

Along with him, devotees who have taken vows to be fulfiled also entered the Agnikunda. A sea of devotees witnessed this ceremony.

Musical bonanza

As part of the Dharmaraya’s Hoovina Karaga, various music troupes had been invited to perform in the City. Music troupes had arrived from various taluks and also from Bangalore and performed till 2 am, reports DHNS from Chikkaballapur. At the music programme organised by the Jayakarnataka Kannada Organisation on Old Post Office Road, the music troupe played more Telugu songs and dances, than Kannada songs and dances. Charts of  popular Telugu movies were played in large numbers than Kannada film songs.