Stepping out with confidence

Stepping out with confidence


The feeling was mixed – that of nostalgia and confidence. The batch of 2011 of Presidency Business School graduated in style recently. The mood was sombre but one laced with enthusiasm and joy.

This was the eighth batch to graduate from the college and the teachers and the guests ensured that the graduating batch went out to face the world with not only knowledge but as good human beings.

After the inauguration, the students were greeted by Sanjay Chakravarty, director, Bosch Limited who spoke about the importance of management graduates in this competitive world. He advised the graduating batch to aim high, focus on quality and maintain a positive attitude throughout their lives. “Professional honesty and being critical of yourself are two very important aspects in the industry. Also, giving excuses for not completing a job is not appreciated at all,” he said.  

The students enjoyed the address but it was Harish Bijoor, brand expert, who held everyone’s attention. Harish gave an unconventional speech about the intricacies of working in a corporate setting, the generation gap between today’s working population and the older people and also the potential of young India.

“In the Nehruvian era, it was ‘India happens’ but today with a population of 1.2 billion people, India is happening. For every product company in the world, India is a buzzing market. And all the students today are at the right place at the right time,” he said. Calling the present i-generation as the ‘scratch card’ generation, he mentioned that despite the luxuries they have, they should not undermine the importance of hard work.

Management studies and marketing were a few other important aspects of the presentation. A simple practical example of a ‘shy chicken’, ‘honest chicken’ and ‘dishonest chicken’ gave the students a clarity about the kind of manager they should aspire to be.

“One should be somewhere between a shy chicken and a honest chicken where you advertise yourself and are still able to impress the customers with your product,” said Harish.

The presentation ended with a loud applause. Awards were given away to students who did well in extracurricular activities and academics.