'I've very high standards to live up to'

'I've very high standards to live up to'

Fond Memories

'I've very high standards to live up to'

The streak of fame sure didn’t sweep him off his feet, as Paul, who is currently playing with Kings XI Punjab, says, “I don’t think I am the find of the IPL yet. The tournament will go on for a while and I have very high standards to live up to now. Being made a star is an added responsibility for me.”

Paul, who is single and living life kingsize, says that he has many things to look forward to and getting settled is not on the agenda right now. “I am very much single. I haven’t found the right person yet and when I do, I will think about settling down,” he blushes.

And what are the qualifications for that ‘right’ person? “I want someone who can understand me and make me laugh.” With the tournament slowly coming to an end, he is taking back with him many fond memories. The one moment that will remain with him forever is when he scored 100 runs against the Chennai Super Kings and stole the orange cap from his childhood idol Sachin Tendulkar.

“He took it back shortly afterwards,” he smiles and adds, “But it was an overwhelming experience all the same. I have grown up idolising him. So even if it was for a short time, it will be an experience I will never forget.”

Playing under Adam Gilchrist has helped Paul a lot with his game. “Adam is my hero and a brilliant captain. He lets everybody play their own game and brings the best out of me,” he says. And being a sportsman, Paul also enjoys tennis and finds Roger Federer very inspiring.

But off-field too, Paul enjoys a whole lot of things and watching Bollywood movies is one such thing. “I used to be a big fan of Juhi Chawla,” he says and adds, “Until Kareena Kapoor took her place.”