Priyamani waiting to dub her films in her own voice


Southern actress Priyamani doesn't regret it, but at the same time she is keen to dub in her own voice.

The prestigious award eluded her because the jury refused to consider her as she hadn't dubbed for the film herself and eventually the trophy went to Priyanka. 

"I have been craving to dub in my own voice in my films, but it is up to the director to use my voice. I know I could not dub for 'Tirakatha' because I was little busy and the film unit was not able to wait for me to finish the dubbing work. And I don't feel sorry for missing the award also because if I was destined to get the award, I would have got it even otherwise," Priyamani said. 

"I don't act in films to get awards. I never expected that I would be getting a National Award for my Tamil film 'Paruthiveeran'. I think, it is all part of destiny and I would accept these minor setbacks as occupational hazards in my career," Priyamani said. 

Priyamani, who is now shooting for her Telugu film in Hyderabad, says she has not dubbed for any Telugu films so far.

"I have not dubbed even for my first Kannada film 'Raam' where I am working with Puneet Raj Kumar. Many directors feel that my voice doesn't suit the characters that I have been playing. But many top Hindi actresses like Rani Mukerji are dubbing in their own voices despite having a screechy voice like me," she said.

"It is now up to the film directors to use my voice or not. I cannot force them to use my voice because ultimately it is the director or producer's discretion to use voices that suit the characters," said Priyamani. 

'Raam' producer Audithya Babu says Priyamani speaks in Kannada perfectly, but they could not use her voice because of the needs of the character. 

"Priyamani has a base voice. And director Maadesh felt that a better voice could be used... Priyamani plays the role of a naughty, prankster born to a rich family who falls in love with a fun loving commoner. We did not want a hard voice for that character. We spoke to Priyamani and she was convinced with our argument," said Audithya Babu.

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