Yeddy in Delhi with 121 MLAs, to meet President tomorrow

Yeddy in Delhi with 121 MLAs, to meet President tomorrow

Yeddy in Delhi with 121 MLAs, to meet President tomorrow

"Governor of Karnataka has been trying to destabilise our government right from beginning. We request President and Prime Minister to save Karnataka, to save democracy by recalling the Governor," Yeddyurappa told reporters here.

Yeddyurappa and BJP MLAs, MLCs and MPs from Karnataka reached Delhi in three separate aircraft this evening with a plea to the President to "save democracy by recalling the Governor".

"Opposition Congress and the JD(S) want to get rid of our government illegally. We will meet Rashtrapatiji tomorrow with MLAs, MLCs and MPs of our party," he said.

Steeping up their campaign against Bhardwaj, NDA leaders met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh who assured them that nothing unconstitutional will be done in Karnataka.

"The NDA strongly condemns the action of Governor of Karnataka in sending a report to the central government. The Governor's conduct is partisan. It defies all constitutional norms and principles. There is absolutely no doubt that the Yeddyurappa government enjoys an overwhelming majority in the Assembly," senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley said.

He maintained that as a result of the Supreme Court judgement, the 11 suspended MLAs have been held to be members of the BJP and were bound by its whip.

Jaitley said that the 11 suspended MLAs have taken back the letter they wrote on October 6, 2010 withdrawing support to the Yeddyurappa government.

"The MLAs have themselves said that they support the government," he said.

The BJP maintained that Yeddyurappa government enjoys clear majority in the 224-member assembly.

Meanwhile, senior BJP leader M Venkaiah Naidu accused Governor H R Bhardwaj of converting Raj Bhawan into "Congress Bhawan".

"Raj Bhawan (in Bangalore) has become a den of political activity for Congress and JD(S). Bhardwaj has been conspiring and trying his best to destabilise the popular and elected government of B S Yeddyurappa of the BJP," he told reporters at the Karnataka Bhawan here.

He said the BJP Government was immensely popular and has been doing "excellent work" which is why people are giving their mandate to it from "time to time."

He said if someone had any doubt about the strength of the BJP in the assembly they should have asked the Chief Minister to prove his strength.

He also accused Bhardwaj of sending an "undemocratic and unethical" recommendation of imposing President's rule in the state.

"The people of Karnataka will never accept this. That is why all of us are going to Rashtrapatiji tomorrow. We will request her to immediately recall Bhardwaj so that sancity of Raj Bhawan is kept," he said.

Asked whether the BJP suspected Congress' hand in Governor's action, he said, "I don't know whether the Governor is acting on his own or at the behest of the Congress party. He is only a 'patradhari'. But the 'sootradarhis' are in Delhi."

"As far as we are concerned we are very clear this is a gameplan of the Congress and JD(S) leadership because they are frustrated. They cannot defeat Yeddyurappa. They cannot face him in elections. That is why they are doing this," he said.

To a question on Congress' contention that the BJP Government in Karnataka was "unethical", he said, "How can one call it illegal. It has majority."

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