Microwavable curry that whistles when cooked

Microwavable curry that whistles when cooked

A British supermarket is launching a range of six curries utilising the Swedish technology, which uses a valve in the film lid to create a vacuum after the meals are cooked in the factory — sealing in nutrients, textures and flavours and keeping out bacteria.

This same valve whistles when the meal is done, ensuring the meal is removed from the microwave before it’s overcooked. And there is no need to prick the lid or stir mid-way through cooking, the Daily Mail reported.

A spokesman for MicVac, the company behind the unique technology, said: “You put the product in the microwave, don’t have to stir it halfway through, hear it whistle and it’s ready. It’s a step change in the food industry. “We’ve got a Michelin-starred chef that’s been using it in Sweden,” said the spokesman.

British supermarket Tesco is planning to offer a range of six Indian curries as early as next month, the report said. But, it is not yet known what dishes will be on offer or how much they will cost.

A spokesman for S&R Foods, which is producing the curries, said: “The technology allows us to achieve things that were thought impossible with chilled meals, such as using raw garnishes in-pack and using 100 per cent fresh ingredients in every meal, but still with a 30-day shelf life.”

Tesco will be the first major supermarket to use the packaging in the UK, although it is already being used in a range S&R created for Makro last year.