New 'awakening' for cancer patients

New 'awakening' for cancer patients

Virtual shoulder

 The home page of the website Cancerawakens.comThey believe in a holistic approach to cancer and have launched a web site

Their inspiration, Siddhartha Mukherjee’s Pulitzer Prize-winning book, “The Emperor of All Maladies” a biography of cancer. In the book, Siddharth quotes: “My real prize will come when cancer is demystified and people are able to talk about it openly...”
Vijay and Nilima aim to attain this goal through their web site.

Vijay, who was once a cancer patient himself, had to surgically remove two cancerous tumours from his colon, shortly after his 40th birthday. He recovered fully but decided not to undergo chemotherapy for further risks of cancer in the future. Instead, he chose to pursue a very holistic approach which included a healthy diet and a positive thinking.

The web site offers a personal interaction with Vijay and Nilima and to obtain various methods to have a full and successful recovery from the disease. Netizens can also share their experiences through blog posts.

Says Vijay: “We want the wider public to feel empowered, instead of treating the disease as a taboo or withdrawing into a shell.”

He added that most people believed that it was the “end of their lives” if they had cancer, and would prepare themselves for it. This only worsened their condition, causing a quicker death, than a better recovery. prevents such negative thoughts from occurring and provides a dependable virtual shoulder as Vijay and Nilima include real-life experiences of all those who have been through, or are going through cancer, on their site.

Perhaps, this would help make a good decision for, and cure cancer patients, or as they call them — ‘cancer thrivers’.