For BJP, all is well with Yeddyurappa

For BJP, all is well with Yeddyurappa

An enormously confident Yeddyurappa was now feted and lapped up by the Central BJP leaders who had shunned him last time when he was fighting an almost losing battle  against corruption charges as also desertion from party MLAs. Almost all doors except that of Party President Nitin Gadkari were shut on his face.

In contrast to the situation last time, the BJP leadership, this time, gave Yeddyurappa full authority to deal with the rebel MLAs. The message from the Central leadership to the rebels was “Yeddyuarappa is the leader-take it or leave it”.

He dealt with the MLAs quickly and effectively brought them to the party fold soon after the SC judgment.

The change in the Central party leadership was all too evident. The moment chief minister landed in Delhi on Monday, Gadkari invited him for tea in the evening.

On Tuesday, BJP leader L K Advani was seen sitting with him at his house. Later, the chief minister joined Leader of the Opposition in Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj and both drove down to Rashtrapathi Bhawan.

Gadkari, while addressing  MLAs and MPs, praised the CM and extended full support to him. As a return gift, Yeddyurappa hosted a gala dinner for all BJP colleagues at a five star hotel on Tuesday evening. “The rising Sun who had almost set down”, came a stray comment from one of the party leaders.