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Exploring a bug’s world

Discovery Channel’s ‘Monster Bug Wars’ features some of the fastest insects in the world. So if one is prepared to handle the sight of these crawlies, watch this episode shed light on the bug world.

Arthropoda is one of the biggest groups in the animal kingdom and includes what we call bugs — insects and spiders. Arthropods come equipped with weaponry ranging from poison to mandibles and armour. This arsenal makes them ready for war. Watch this series on Discovery Channel on May 18 at 9 pm.

Extracting the unimaginable

The series ‘How Stuff works’ is about the things that makes the world go round. It's truly incredible to see the various lengths people go to derive from different and varied products. From extracting rubber and iron, to corn and wheat, and water and salt from the earth, the series shows it all.

Who would guess that furniture, diesel additives, crayons, solvents, candles and shampoo can all be derived from the humble soybean? Follow the incredible journey of these goods from the ground to one's car, closet, medicine cabinet and places one has never imagined. Watch this on Discovery Science on May 18 at 8.30 pm.

Living with the wild

It’s a basic instinct for humans to want to love and be loved. But for some, this basic desire can take them into obsessive and dangerous territory.

Animal Planet presents ‘Fatal Attractions’, a nerve reckoning show that goes inside the homes of wild pet owners who feel that sharing their lives with deadly big cats, chimpanzees and venomous reptiles is worth the risk. Don’t miss this episode on May 18 at 10 pm, as it digs deep to reveal what causes human fascination with these dangerous animals.

Exciting turn..... of events

In tonight’s show of Balika Vadhu we will see, Gehna questioning Anandi on whether she is going to ask Jagya for justice. Anandi breaks her silence and says, “by fighting, I may win my right, but I will not win Jagya’s love.”

Further we will see Bhairon urging Anandi to become a teacher again. They then proceed to go to her school. As they reach the school, she finds a computer in the classroom, gets very emotional and also understands that the surprise was planned by Bhairon. On the other hand, Jagya discovers that his account has been blocked by Bhairon. This series airs on Colors on May  18 at 8 pm.

The finest dishes

TLC's new food series, ‘Best food Ever’ tracks down America's scrumptious treasures. Each episode unravels country's top ten food destinations in specific category, highlighting what makes them the best and introduces the great minds behind these delectable dishes.

From sinfully delicious baked treats, to comfort dinner food, this is one hearty road trip crafted with every palette in mind.  Tune into this episode on May 18 at 8 pm.