Kids share their travails with DC

Kids share their travails with DC

RTE ensures free education to children between six and 14 years

This openness of the kids belonging to various slums and rural areas came in for appreciation from Deputy Commissioner Harsh Gupta.

“I have attended several programmes organised by most prestigious schools, but I don’t remember of seeing sharing of experience as you shared with me. I am very happy to see your immense capacity”, he said amidst a thunderous applause from the audience.

The interaction was organised by Rural Literacy and Health Programme (RLHP), Talent: Students presenting a cultural programme at an interaction, in Mysore on Tuesday. Deputy Commissioner Harsh Gupta and others are seen. dh photoVidyodhaya Makkala Okkuta, Mysore Kolache Nivasigala Okkuta and Dhwani Mahila Okkuta in connection with the valedictory of one and a half months summer camps organised for the slum kids as well as for rural children of Mysore, Mandya and Chamarajanagar districts.

The children, one after another, effectively explained their problems and travails before the DC.

Gupta said all the problems explained by the kids are worth solutions. Already., steps are taken to provide free education for all the children in the age group of 6 to 14 years under the Right to Education.

However, providing free education from three years to 18 years is the matter to be decided by the State government. But, this point will be definitely brought to the notice of the government at an appropriate forum.

The DC admitted that there are factories near schools and it was affecting health of children as well as spoiled the environment.  The matter would be discussed with the officials concerned and would take appropriate steps. The teachers would be advised  to leave certain bad habits like using mobile phones during school hours, chatting with fellow teachers and loitering in school premises, as they are observed by students.

“Private schools have to reserve at least 25 per cent of seats for poor kids. I have already constituted three teams to study the matter and asked them to submit detail report soon. A meeting is convened on May 20 to discuss this issue”, he added.
Deputy Director of Department of Woman and Child Welfare N R Vijay, former mayor Narayan, Nalini from Dhwani Mahila Okkuta, Yathiraj from Mysore Kolache Nivasigala Okkuta, V K Jose from RLHP and Venkatesh also spoke.


Marrying girls at the age of 12-13 years is rampant in T Narasipur taluk. I am the best example.

My family members wanted to hold my marriage when I became teen. But it was checked by RLHP. I am indebted to them. Please protect the girls who are like me.
Punitha, Rangacharihundi

In the Right to Education Act, free education is for the kids in the age group of 6to 14 years. There is a need to change it to three to 18 years so that poor will have access to education- Manoj

Need classrooms

In our school, two classes are held in one room. This is causing problems for the children of both the classes. We need additional classrooms. There is no reacher. Besides, there is only one toilet for 150 students. We don’t have play ground too. Pls do something.-Ranjitha, 8th standard.

Cell phone

Our school teachers will be always talking on mobile phones as well as with fellow teachers. This is affecting our concentration and unable to understand lessons. Our parents beat us if we score less marks. Pls stop this.-Siddarth, Metagalli Govt highschool.

Self explanatory

There are 80 houses in our slum and only one pubic toilet. All are depending on it. Understand our plight. There is no community hall because of which the summer camp was not held.- Aishwarya, Yadavagiri Slum