Leaving Infosys like daughter's marriage: Narayana Murthy

Leaving Infosys like daughter's marriage: Narayana Murthy

Leaving Infosys like daughter's marriage: Narayana Murthy

"The best analogy that I can think of for this separation between Infosys and me is that of one's daughter getting married and leaving her parents' home," Murthy said in an emotional letter to Infosys' shareholders.

Having nurtured the country's leading IT firm for the last 30 years, Murthy would be succeeded by eminent banker K V Kamath as Infosys' Chairman with effect from August 21 and would thereafter become 'Chairman Emeritus'.

Murthy, in his letter published in the company's annual report for 2010-11, went on to say that he had to go through tough times explaining to his son and daughter about whom he loved more -- Infosys or the family.

Murthy said that his children do not believe him, even today, that he loved them more than anything else.

"When I was spending 16-hour days in the office and was away from home for as many as 330 days in a year, it was hard for my children to believe in my commitment to the family," he said.

Terming the Infosys journey as an integral part of his life, Murthy said that most of his colleagues tell him that "Infosys is an inseparable part of me and I am an inseparable part of Infosys."

"I have been the Number One actor in every major decision taken in the company. I have rejoiced in every significant milestone of the company. I have commiserated in every false step that this company has taken," he asserted.

Giving the analogy of a daughter's marriage, Murthy said: "Yes, the parents will be there when she needs them and they will be happy that she is starting a new life in an exciting new environment."

He went on to explain in his letter the entire journey of the company to become one of the leading technology majors of the country.

Wishing the current management of the company luck for the future, Murthy said that he would be always there, whenever needed by Infosys.

"The board has been kind enough to name me the Chairman- Emeritus. Therefore, I will always be there to add value, if asked," Murthy said.