A story of penury

A story of penury

Rajesh Lobo

Rajesh’s father Ronald Lobo is a dailywager, while his mother Philomena is a beedi worker. Of late, the mother has stopped the beedi rolling work due to an illness.

Ronald works on 10 cents of land belonging to the Infant Jesus Church in Karimale. The parents, both of whom have finished  primary education, are the motivating force behind Rajesh’s feat.

Even though two square meals are a luxury for the family, the parents want to ensure that their lone son goes for higher education.

Rajesh also chipped in whenever he had time to help his mother in the beedi rolling work.

Presently, the family is sustaining only on Ronald’s income. He has to pay for Rajesh’s education also from his meagre earnings.

Rajesh’s classmates Nishanth D Shetty, Sujith Vinod Pujari, Sowmya, Sumalatha and Krithi have also come out with flying colours in these exams.

Rajesh’s future will be bright if the local church and other organisations join hands in funding his education.