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Realising their dreams

American Chopper’ explores the lives of Paul Teutel Sr, Paul Jr and Mikey of Orange County Choppers, creators of the world’s most outrageous custom motorcycles. Each episode is a battle in itself for the impossible deadlines as the hosts push each other for a better design and fabrication.

From heated arguments to creative setbacks, ‘American Chopper’ celebrates their struggle to achieve the American dream. Catch the excitement in this episode of ‘American Chopper’. The programme airs on Discovery Turbo on May 20 at 9 pm.  

Exploring a fascinating region

TLC, in its premiere show ‘Go India Chhattisgarh’, uncovers the many wonders  of the region like prehistorical archeological sites, ancient temples, wildlife reserves, tribals and their lifestyle.

So be a part of this magnificent show as it unveils some of the great wonders of the city.  ‘Go India Chhattisgarh’ airs on May 20 at 8 pm.

Ultimate test of love

Channel V brings to its viewers an exciting journey of eight couples with its hottest offering — ‘Perfect Couple’ — an adventurous voyage with unexpected kisses and
cuddles, tears and fights, heart breaks and insecurities and much more awaits, as the
‘oh-so-in-love’ couples travel across India in search of happiness in their relationship.

The show tests relationships of real-life couples under extreme conditions, from Khajuraho to Kathmandu, with the hottest hunk on Indian television, Karan Singh Grover, accompanying them.

He will guide viewers through the roller coaster journey of these eight sizzling couples. The ultimate compatibility test spans across a 1,500 km long journey from Khajuraho to Kathmandu.

The eight couples will be seen travelling across the country performing tasks, undergoing odd jobs in small villages and cracking clues. The exciting journey of ‘Perfect Couple’ will unfold the truth behind every couple, some may come out strong and some may give up and fall apart.

Will adversity tear them apart or help them salvage their fading love?  The winning couple gets the coveted title of ‘Perfect Couple’ and a world tour to the most romantic destinations in the world.

So get ready to be a part of the craziest and most exciting search for the ‘Perfect Couple’ every Sunday at 7 pm with Karan Singh Grover routing their journey — the journey of love or maybe not! 

As the story unfolds...

Na Aana Is Des Laado airs on May 20 at 10.30 pm on Colors. Ragini tells Aditya about her wish to visit her parents’ house. Aditya doesn’t trust her and suspects she is upto some new drama.

Shorya on the other hand gets his parents to meet Ammaji, where Bhaiji (Bhanu Pratap) awaits them in a new avatar. After a lot of trouble, Shorya manages to get engaged to Diya.

Will Ammaji accept this? What will happen next? To know more, tune into the show. Na Aana Is Des Laado airs every Monday To Friday at 10.30 pm.

A royal order
AXN presents ‘Camelot — Season 1’ on May 20 at 11 pm. The show is set in Briton during the Dark Ages. King Uther Pendragon is a capable and well-regarded king who rules a land that is constantly at war — defending borders and negotiating tenuous alliances.

His daughter Morgan, whom he banished from the kingdom 15 years earlier, unexpectedly arrives at his Castle Pendragon seeking her father’s forgiveness.

Uther, denies her repentance and strikes her in anger.  That night, Morgan, versed in the dark arts of wizardry, shape shifts into the form of a scullery girl and poisons her father.

Merlin, the King’s own wizard, arrives too late but elicits from Uther on his deathbed a royal order that his legitimate but publicly unknown son, Arthur, must succeed the King and return greatness to the Castle Camelot.

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