Unravelling a mystery

Unravelling a mystery

And according to director U K H Das, they have  far more impact than any other genre. Launching his recent comedy-cum-murder mystery, Hukka Bukka, Das says that the movie has nothing to do with the kings of the Vijayanagara dynasty.

“Hukka and Bukka in this film are two friends who witness a murder. The catch is that ‘Hukka’ is deaf. So he hasn’t really heard anything and ‘Bukka’ is blind, hence hasn’t seen anything,” adds Das.

The shooting for the film has already begun in Bangalore. It stars Ravishankar, who was earlier seen in Payana, as ‘Hakka’. Tabala Naani, who shot to fame through Eddelu Manjunatha, plays ‘Bukka’. “I felt these two actors shared an amazing chemistry and have an excellent comic timing, which is required for the film. We are planning to shoot in the City for eight days and then the unit will shift to Mangalore,” says Das, who plans to complete the shoot in 30 days.

Adding to the glamour element will be Radhika Gandhi. “She has the most interesting role in the movie. Radhika unknowingly will be helping the killer. Though on the outset, it may seem like she is assisting a corporate killer, she doesn’t really know that her boss is the killer,” he says.

As for the music, Das and his team had initially decided not to include any songs but as they dwelled on the script, they found that certain situations demanded songs. “That’s when we decided to have only two songs in the movie. We approached music director Ajaneesh, who had earlier composed for Shishira, and he readily agreed.

So, we have one song focussing on the friendship between ‘Hukka’ and ‘Bukka’ and another song that actually speaks about corruption in the political system,” he explains.
Das says that the recent political development in the State, especially the ‘horse trading’ of MLAs disturbed him a lot.

And he wanted the masses to be aware of corruption in politics. “That’s why we
decided to show all these issues through a song,” he adds. Hukka Bukka has been
scheduled for an August release.