Instant chat with Karan

Instant chat with Karan

Ageing process

Instant chat with Karan

That's how KJo ensures that there is no twang of monotony in his work, even though they may be remakes of earlier potboilers.

Karan plans to do all this again with Agneepath. “It’s completely redesigned and readapted, quite unlike the old one. It’s a love story again that is told in a new form. While the clash between the protagonist and the antagonist remains the same, there will be enough new aspects to make the film interesting,” Karan tells Metrolife.

In the City for a promotional event, Karan regrets that he doesn’t get a chance to hop into Bangalore very often. “There’s so much energy here and the people never seem to tire. It’s a City that’s alive both day and night,” he beams.

At 39, there’s really nothing that Karan hasn’t done. He has done everything he ever wanted to do – direction, production and TV shows. Now Karan feels it’s time to introduce new faces and this will be done in the ‘Student of the Year’. “I’ve always wanted to introduce new faces and this movie is apt for that. It’s high time I did something like this in my career,” he reasons. The search for new faces was rather intense and extensive.

“We worked hard to find the right person who would match the character. The new faces are all from different parts of the country,” he adds.  Karan’s TV show ‘Koffee with Karan’ ran into some controversy. “The controversy really helped take the show forward,” he says.

Most of those who appear on Karan’s chat show have been his close buddies for years. “I share a special something with most of stars who appear on my show. The show has helped me catch the actors in an avatar they’ve never been seen before. It’s interesting,” he adds.

A Karan Johar production, Koochie Koochie Hota Hai, is an animated remake of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. “It’s almost ready. All the voices for the characters in the film are lent by the original characters in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. It’s a fun film,” says Karan.

Apart from love and marriage, Karan was obsessed with numerology and every one of his creations would begin with a ‘K’. Does he still hold onto that? “Yes, I once did believe in it but not anymore. I was much younger then, an age when you get carried away with such beliefs, now with advancing age all that has changed,” he points out. And sure that’s there for us to see with his changing titles where the ‘K’ is missing.