Army chief's age controversy: Antony refuses to be drawn in

Army chief's age controversy: Antony refuses to be drawn in

"I don't want any public controversy over this. Please try to avoid public controversy on this. This is my personal request. Please don't sensationalise issues regarding services," he said in response to questions after addressing the Unified Commander's Conference here.

"Whenver the government takes the decision, it will be announced," he said.

Attorney General Goolam E Vahanvati, whose view was sought by Army earlier this month, has opined in favour of maintaining May 10, 1950 as General V K Singh's date of birth.

The AG's reply to the Defence Ministry further says that any change in General Singh's date of birth would lead to complications in the succession line.

But the Law Ministry, providing its opinion on the issue, recently said that General Singh's date of birth was May 10, 1951 as shown in his matriculation certificate and not May 10, 1950 as filled in his UPSC form for the entrance exam of National Defence Academy (NDA).

The Army has been maintaining two different date of births in its records for General Singh.

The Adjutant General’s (AG) branch, the official record keeper for purposes of salary and pension, has May 10, 1951 as the official date of birth while the Military Secretary’s branch, in charge of promotions and postings, has recorded it as May 10, 1950.

Taking into consideration the year 1950, Singh will retire on June 1, 2012, but if the other date is accepted, he may remain in office for another ten months.