Q I am 5 foot 7 inches tall, weighing 105 kg. Can you suggest simple dietary and physical activity tips that I can implement to reduce my weight?


Below are some simple yet effective strategies:

* Never skip breakfast (Daliya with trim milk or 2 medium-sized idlis with sambar/ 1 dosa with chutney etc). Eating breakfast is the best way to increase your metabolism, it also will make you eat lesser during the day.

* Avoid deep fried food items (chips, chakli, murku, etc) as the oil changes in composition when fried, resulting in trans fat. Trans fats are the most harmful form of fat as they can cause the clogging the arteries, which in turn causes reduced heart function.

* Eat more vegetable and fruits. The most important are the green leafy ones, as the chlorophyll in them helps cleanse the liver. If the liver is clean, it will eliminate toxins from the body. Eat more spinach, methi, drumstick leaves, lettuce, spring onions, etc. Eat juicy fruits like citrus, melons and berries.

*Cut down on portion sizes. Portion sizes are what we help ourselves to, while serving size is the recommended amount.

The serving size for cereals is half a bowl of cooked rice/ 2 oil-free chapathis/ 1 paratha/ half a bowl of pasta/ 2 idlis/ 1 dosa.

The serving size for pulses and meats is 1 bowl of light dal/ 1 egg/ 1 fish/ 2 chicken drum sticks/ 1 palm-sized piece of red meat.

*Be as active as you can. Get at least 30 minutes of rigorous exercise in a day and if possible, get active with a sport during the weekends. Always vary your activities, even if it is a walk, make sure you change the track now and then and make it more challenging for yourself.