Nepal's ex-Prince Paras in midnight brawl at casino: report

Nepal's ex-Prince Paras in midnight brawl at casino: report

38-year-old Paras, who was arrested for firing his gun in a forest resort in southern Chitwan district during a late-night drunken altercation with the family members of former Deputy Prime Minister Sujata Koirala last year, was found at the Royal Casino on Tuesday night "in an alcoholic stupor", myrepublica online, the website of Republica newspaper said.

Paras, notorious for his playboy lifestyle, reprimanded the management of the casino, owned by his brother-in-law Raj Bahadur Singh, and demanded the immediate reinstatement of Tek Bahadur Chand, a security manager who was ousted a few days ago, the report said.

He also asked the management to restore within a week all facilities provided to the casino workers that were curtailed in recent months.

"If there is any defiance of my instructions, I know what I´ll do next week," a casino worker present on the occasion quoted Paras as saying.

Chand returned to work on Wednesday.

Some workers spoke in favour of the former prince.

"His words sounded very hard but he didn't lose his temper or manhandle anybody," a worker said on condition of anonymity.

Paras, the only son of deposed King Gyanendra, had been involved in several escapades in the capital's night spots. He had earlier allegedly opened fire in the capital's five star Everest Hotel during an altercation while he was accompanied by his wife Himani, according to media reports.

Paras was acquitted in the Chitwan shooting case earlier this month, but the district court had directed him to correct his public behaviour and ordered him to give a written commitment in this regard.

Nepal's almost three-century-old monarchy was abolished in 2008 when Paras's father Gyanendra was dethroned after the landmark Constituent Assembly elections that brought the Maoists to power.