Have 'idli' and music of your choice

Unique combination

Have 'idli' and music of your choice

This cafe, serving authentic South Indian fast food, is the perfect darshini-style outlet that you spot on every street in Bangalore. With minimal seating arrangement, you can just loiter with your plate of food at the entrance. 

But as you enter the place, you might mistake it to for a music shop as you can find posters of different artistes on the walls and cassettes and gramophones kept in the showcase. But this is the special touch that the owners wanted to give to this place. One can enjoy a plate of idli or vada while listening to some classic rock. There is nothing more enjoyable than listening to Jimi Hendrix or Bruce Springsteen with a steaming cup of coffee! Rock lovers in the City are sure to fall in love with this place.

This was the main idea behind opening this place, which was started by Dinesh and Rajesh Bhakthinathan one and a half years back.  Says Dinesh, “There are a number of eateries that one can find everywhere. But we wanted to open a place that was different from the rest and one that serves only South Indian food. And it is not only about food. We wanted to give our customers a unique eating-out experience.”

True to its name, the place serves different varieties of idlis. You can opt for the traditional plate of idli or go for the improvised versions of it like the Kadubu Idli which is prepared in a banana leaf or the Tatte idli which is flat and large enough to fill your stomach. And be warned, they do not serve sambar at all. Instead you can treat yourself to two types of chutney, which is spicy enough to make your eyes water, and chutney powder that is interestingly called ‘Gun Powder’.

And it just gets better! There is a new item which has been introduced on the menu called ‘Double Decker’ which is the idli version of the popular burger.

It has two idlis instead of buns with a veg patty sandwiched between the two and lots of chutney to spruce up the taste. And then you even have the traditional combo of idli-vada, pongal, rice bath, khara bath and samosa.

And going one step ahead, the eatery organises special theme weekends, where one can have a particular genre of music played.

Says Dinesh, “In February, we had the love theme and more recently we had something called ‘Blast from the Past’ where we played all the classic numbers. So this gives our customers a chance to choose their favourite type of music.”

Says Deevas, an architect, one among the many regular visitors, “What I love most about the place is that the people here are very friendly. And the whole idea of starting a place like this is brilliant. No where else can you enjoy good food along with your favourite music at such a cheap price.”

Here is an eatery which has a combination of simple yet tasty food and fine music. For details, call 9741999800.

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