Soap nut tree for all purposes

Soap nut tree for all purposes

Soap nut tree

While flowering, it attracts lot of butterflies. Fruits are available from February to March.
Pulp of the fruit is given as an antidote to persons bitten by venomous creature.

It is also used in curing diarrhoea or cholera. Plantation of this tree requires less maintenance and it is economically helpful for the cultivator.

Roots, barks and fruits have medicinal values and are given to consume as tonic, anthelmintic etc. It is a strong medicine for asthma and is also used to cure epilepsy. It is known as ‘Antuvaalada Kaayi’ in Kannada and ‘Nore Kaayi’ in Tulu. In Sanskrit, it is known as Arishtaka and Phenila and in Malayalam it is called ‘Arishtam’ and ‘Phenilam’.

In Konkani, it is known as ‘Ringo’. Scientific name of this plant is ‘Sapindus laurifolia’ and it belongs to Sapindaceae’ family.

Dinesh Nayak M
Advisor Green Belt