Mass burial site forgotten?

Mass burial site forgotten?

A view of the site where 12 unidentified bodies were buried on the banks of Gurupur river near Kuloor bridge.

It may be remembered that the burial site was not made public till June 2 except for the persons concerned and kin of the deceased (unidentified bodies). However, a large number of public arrived at the spot to pay tributes to the deceased victims, as the word of mouth spread.

Today, nearly an year after the 12 unidentified bodies were buried, there is no mark or plaque to indicate the tragedy. Except for those people who were witnessed to burial, perhaps, nobody else can make out what those 12 heaps of sand meant?

Despite the media reports and a demand by some of the air crash victims’ kin, the authorities concerned have not taken any step in this regard, alleged Mangalore Air Crash Victims’ Families Association President Mohammed Beary. Regretting the official apathy, he appealed the authorities concerned to take steps and fence the area and pay tribute to the departed souls.

2 kids among 12 unidentified

Mohammed Subairziad (male child) and Zainab Mohammedziad (female child) were supposed to be among the 12 unindentified bodies. But there was no male child among the unidentified bodies. Though there was a body of a female child, the family members said that the body is not that of Zainab as the body had a pendent, which does not belong to Zainab. The DNA test too did not match.

The kids’ parents too had died in the air crash. While their mother Sameena’s body was found on the first day, their father Mohammed Ziad’s body was found during the first batch of DNA tests.