RMP clarifies on safety aspects at plant

RMP clarifies on safety aspects at plant

According to a release issued by Chief Administrative Officer,  BARC/ RMP, K B G Thilakan, the authorities  RMP wish to inform citizens of Mysore city that the unit is operating safely for more than two decades without incident of any nature. This unit carries out physical and chemical processing of naturally occurring very low activity natural Uranium.|

It has been built on a zero discharge concept for management of active solid and liquid waste for avoiding any contamination of soil and ground water.

Treated, very low active, liquid effluents are stored in multi-layer impervious solar evaporation ponds. The sludge from the pond and other solid wastes, after volume reduction, containing traces of radioactivity, is stored in impervious RCC trenches to avoid any contact with soil or water bodies.

Combustible active wastes are sent to Centralised Waste Management Facility, IGCAR, Kalpakkam for incineration. Therefore, no radioactive waste is dumped outside the premises of BARC site as reported.

Water sources

Borewells as well as open wells around RMP site are being monitored since the inception of the project and so far no change in concentration of contaminants, attributable to the project has been noticed.

Health Physics Unit of BARC carries out environmental air monitoring on a continous basis for assessing gross radioactivity along with suspended particulate matter in environmental air. 

The survey for more than two decades has shown no impact of the facility on the environment. More such environmental survey has been planned along with local institutions such as University of Mysore.