Pay scale disappoints BASF employees

Pay scale disappoints BASF employees

Over the last 12 years, the wages of Mumbai unit has been hiked to Rs 13,138 and in Mangalore unit it has been hiked to Rs 8,550.

The Mangalore workers are deprived of Rs 4,588 in 12 years. The employees at Mangalore are being paid Variable Dearness Allowance (VDA) of Rs 10,060, which again
is lesser when compared to the employees of Mumbai unit, he said.

BASF clarifies

In response to the allegations a press note from BASF Mangalore Works Senior General Manager P P Shetty clarified that, globally and in India, BASF follows the principle of ‘Region-cum-Industry practice’ to ensure that employees are remunerated in line with prevalent standards existing in the same industry and located in the same region.

In alignment with this principle, BASF offered an increase of Rs 4,250 per month, after which the minimum monthly salary amounts to Rs 20,750, a wage that is comparable with similar industries in Mangalore.

“Many of the workers have accepted the offer, while the rest led by the Union continue to negotiate further. BASF respects the rights of workers to take collective action. However, BASF will engage in only constructive and reasonable discussion with the Union on this matter,” informed the press note from BASF.